Analyst firm: Google Home gains ground on Amazon Echo, now 44M total devices sold

According to new survey-based data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), Google Home has gained some ground on Amazon’s Alexa device universe. The firm says that Google Home accounted for about 40 percent of the units sold in the US during the holiday period.

CIRP’s analysis argues that the current smart speaker market share in the US breaks out like this:

  • Amazon Echo/Alexa: 69 percent (31 million units)
  • Google Home: 31 percent (14 million units)

US installed base (figures in millions of units)

The firm said that the holiday quarter saw the market grow by 18 million units, for a total of just under 45 million at the end of December. An earlier NPR survey suggested there were about 40 million units in the US market, with Alexa devices leading with roughly two-thirds to one-third for Google Home. The new CIRP survey indicates that Google Home has gained ground on Amazon.

The new survey also suggests that Google Home can potentially close the gap further, despite Amazon’s considerable distribution advantage.

Apple’s smart speaker HomePod is scheduled for release on February 9. It will have an uphill climb given its higher price ($349) and late entry. Microsoft, Samsung and Facebook will also compete with new devices coming this year.

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