Bing Adds Deal Tag to Local Pack in Search Results

Bing is testing a new feature in their local pack… adding a “Deal” tag directly into the local pack results when there is a coupon code Bing has sourced for the store.

Here is what it looks like:

As you can see, Bing is pulling the coupon information from the partial list that shows in the brand knowledge panel – although curiously, this particular deal isn’t listed there.  It also takes up significantly more real estate on the search results page, pushing the first and/or second organic result down even further on the page.

But it also appears without that knowledge panel appearing in the search results:

When you click through on an individual listing in the knowledge panel, it brings up the information for the specific location and more information about the specific deal:

Also noteworthy is that Bing also shows the deals tag on mixed brand local packs.  Here it is when only one of the companies within the local pack triggers a “Deal” tag.

Bing does not skew results with the “Deal” tag to the top of the local pack, here is another example where the deal appears in the middle of the local pack instead.

Here is another example:


Bing first began adding coupon information to the local knowledge panel over a year ago, and transitioned to the teal “deal” tag earlier this year.  But this is the first time the tag has been added to the local pack.

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