Bing announces Bing AMP viewer & JSON-LD support in Bing Webmaster Tools

Microsoft unveiled two new features within Bing during principal program manager Fabrice Canel’s appearance at SMX Advanced this morning. First, he announced support within Bing Webmaster Tools to debug and view your JSON-LD markup. Second, he announced support for a Bing AMP viewer.

Bing AMP viewer

Bing AMP viewer will be rolled out this summer and will make AMP-enabled web pages work directly from Bing’s mobile search results. This will work similarly to the way Google returns AMP pages within its mobile search results.

Here is a photo of the announcement from Bing’s slides this morning, showing a preview of how AMP pages will be rendered from Bing’s mobile results:

Bing Webmaster Tools supports JSON-LD

Bing began supporting JSON-LD markup in March, but now, Bing Webmaster Tools will also support debugging such JSON-LD in the tool.

Canel also said that while Bing supports JSON-LD markup, this doesn’t mean they do not support other forms of markup or that they prefer JSON-LD over other methods.

Here is a slide from Bing with this news:

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