Bing Testing Blended Local Mini One Pack in Search Results

When it comes to the Bing search results, their local pack results are very large and noticeable in the search results.  But they seem to be taking a step back and displaying a smaller local result in the Bing search results when there is only one local listing found.  And it blends so well in the search results, most people wouldn’t distinguish it as being local, but rather a regular search result.

Here is what it looks like:

The third result is actually a local listing, without the map from a multi-business pack, but also without it being showcased immediately at the top of the search results in a local knowledge panel.  It is also missing all the icons and other features from a regular map pack.

Users can click the result for more details, which then will bring up a local business knowledge panel.

Here is what it looks like expanded:

Here is another version, this one with a more detailed knowledge panel that shows up after clicking.

It is unclear if this is a regular test to a small percentage of searchers, or if it is being tested specifically on a small number of businesses instead.

Thank you to Frank Sandtmann for noticing this and sending the second set of screenshots to The SEM Post.

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