Google Adds Audience Reviews to Movie & TV Show Knowledge Panels

Google has made another new addition to the knowledge panels displayed for television shows and movies – user submitted reviews.  These reviews, which are called “Audience Reviews” are showing up for a variety of searches that show a knowledge panel for the movie or show.

Here is what it looks like, within an entire knowledge panel:

Where there are critic reviews also available, Google shows audience reviews underneath the critic ones.

The reviews are sourced from Google itself, not a third party.  You can see in this screenshot that Google is soliciting searchers to submit their reviews, showing your Google login information for those logged in:

There is also a stronger call to action for those ones that do not have any reviews.

There doesn’t seem to be any filter on the reviews, unless there is a language one.  But some of the reviews are definitely higher quality than others, and most seem to just be a short sentence or two rather than a more detailed or thought out review.

This does not seem to be live in many regions currently, and not in the US at this time.  However it could be a slow rollout or Google might just be testing it in some geolocations.

H/T Ramesh Singh

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