Google Adds Manual Action for Google Job Postings Schema

Google has added a new manual action related to the recently added Google Jobs feature in the search results.  Site that are utilizing the schema and not handling expired job listings properly.

Here is what it says:

Jobs that are no longer open for applications must be expired in one of the following ways. Failure to take timely action on expired jobs may result in a manual action.

They then list the ways a job can be expired.  The pages don’t have to be removed, they can be noindexed or simply have the schema removed from the page, so it no longer triggers the markup in the search results.

It isn’t clear if they will be using a Google Jobs specific schema manual action, or if it will be under the current schema spam manual action.  But if it is the latter, that could mean a site would lose all their markup in the search results, not just the jobs related ones.

Bottom line, if you are using the job schema to show your job listings via Google Jobs in the search results, you need to ensure you are removing the listings in a timely manner, or you could find your job markup removed from the search results, or possibly all your schema.

H/T Aaron Bradley

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