Google Adds “Mentioned on Wikipedia” Carousels in Search Results

Google has often shown carousels in the search results for both mobile and desktop for all kinds of searches.  Google has added a new version for searches with a “mentioned on Wikipedia” carousel.

Searchers, and site owners, have often complained about Google’s carousels not having data from where the information is taken from.  So Google adding the source with “mentioned on Wikipedia” is pretty significant.

The carousel appears on both mobile and desktop.  Here is what it looks like on mobile:

And here it is on desktop:

The”… mentioned on Wikipedia” part of the carousel clicks through to the actual Wikipedia page. On desktop it is in the same tab, but for mobile, it opens in a new tab, as denoted by the icon at the end of the “… mentioned on Wikipedia” part.

A click on any of the brands in the carousel will bring you to a new search result page with the carousel along with the brand knowledge graph and the search results for the brand itself.

Google doesn’t seem to show these for all similar types of searches, even for featured snippets triggered by Wikipedia that also feature brand thumbnails in the search results.  For example, this search doesn’t trigger this Wikipedia carousel, but rather a featured snippet.

Google has tested something similar with their carousels earlier this year, with their “According to” carousels.  But this new version is styled differently and highlights Wikipedia as the source of the list.

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