Google Adds Other Locations to Local Knowledge Panel

Google has made yet another change to how they display local businesses in the knowledge panel.   Google is now showing additional locations when it displays the knowledge panel, in a carousel at the bottom of the knowledge panel.

Here is what it looks like:

It has an additional “view all” link that can be clicked, which will then list the locations in a non-carousel style.

Here is another example for a non-restaurant.

Sergey Alakov spotted the change.

It seems to be live for many users, as I am able to replicate it.

But for those who think being able to list multiple locations is a workaround the fact Google also shows competitive businesses, you will be disappointed.  Here is a screenshot showing the full screen, and Google shows two carousels of competitors before it shows additional locations.

It is actually at the very bottom of the local knowledge panel, underneath all the rest of the local business information, including reviews.

Google only shows this on mobile, not on desktop.  However, this would be a great addition to desktop, as it actually would be more useful when someone is in the planning stage and can plan out going to a different location, especially when the locations are quite far apart, such as in this example.

It seems to be available for all types of local businesses where there are more than one local-ish location.

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