Google Adds Trending Now to Knowledge Panel “People Also Search For”

Google has added a new feature to their knowledge panel that shows when a person related to the one in the knowledge graph is also trending.

Here is an example for a search that brought up Serena Williams in the knowledge panel.  Under the “People also search for” section with additional people, it shows that two other people from similar searches are trending now – in this case both Steffi Graf and Caroline Wozniacki.

Here is the knowledge panel:

When you click on one of the trending now results, it brings up a carousel, showing the relationship between the initial search and the person clicked on in the knowledge panel.  The carousel adds additional people, with some of them showing additional details as well in an answer box.

It shows up for a variety of people related searches, including those in sports, politics and other celebrities.  Here is another:

Google has made plenty of changes to their knowledge panel, including the “People also search for” section, so it is likely we will see more changes like this one added.

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