Google Flags User Submitted Store Hours in Local Knowledge Panel

Google has received some criticism when hours listed in a local knowledge panel don’t match a location’s actual hours.  Google is now showing when a user submits hours that don’t match the hours either Google has added or that the business has submitted, and flags them clearly as being different hours that someone has submitted.

Here is what it looks like:

Google makes it very clear, by listing the hours in orange, that there is a conflict in hours, and the “official” listed hours might be incorrect.  When you click on it, it asks you if you can verify the user suggested hours as accurate or not (or not sure) as well as an option to call the business to verify those hours.

With the way Google flags it, even if someone doesn’t click through, it means that if someone is planning to visit the location at a time where the hours don’t match, they can contact the business prior to visiting so they can be sure of the actual store hours.

This is a nice addition from Google and a great way to flag hours when there are discrepancies between what users say the hours are and what Google thinks they are.

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