Google Launches New Vehicle Ad Carousel in Mobile Results

Google AdWords is testing a new dramatic style of AdWords ads on mobile, and these are a new image carousel style that are extremely eyecatching within the automotive vertical.  They feature a large image carousel, sitelinks and the ad title and URL.

Here is what it looks like:

The sitelinks style at the bottom scroll, as does the images at the top.  There are multiple images that can be swiped through, each with an individual description or call to action.

At the end of the image carousel, you can also click for more information:


Steve Hammer was the first to notice these ads.

Others have also posted their own screenshots of the ads – there are multiple vehicle brands all appearing in these new ads, and some are appearing when someone searches for a competitor’s vehicle.

It seems that this new format is exclusive to vehicles and only appears on mobile, not desktop.

If you are an organic result in these serps, you will be pushed below both these new vehicle ads and the regular AdWords ads below it.  So the first organic result will appear much lower on the page than it was previously, which could impact CTR.

It seems right now only the actual brands can do these ads – so only the car company itself and not dealerships and one could argue these ads also help individual dealerships, since they make it easy for a potential customer to learn more about the car itself.

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