Google officially rolls out ‘More results’ search button on mobile

Kashin /

Google has officially launched its “More results” search button on mobile, making it possible for additional search results to load beyond the first set of results displayed.

The announcement, made via a tweet from the Google’s @SearchLiason account, confirmed that the new “More results” button will replace the previous “Next” button that would display a new page of mobile search results.

Google says the “More results” button will load more organic results first before loading relevant ads under the organic results and will appear for searchers using the Google app on iOS and Android devices and major mobile browsers — except for Chrome for iOS. (Google says support for Chrome on iOS is coming.)

Earlier this week, Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed it was running a test on the new “More results” button. Search Engine Land first reported on the “More results” mobile search feature in December of last year.

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