Google Testing Infinite Scroll in Mobile Search Results

Google is testing infinite scroll for their mobile search results.  Although Google has tested infinite scroll off and on for the past year or so, this new test seems to be fairly widespread, with many searchers reporting that they are seeing it live.

Here is what it looks like:

It isn’t a true infinite scroll, where the results never end as you continue scrolling.  You still need to click on “More results” to view additional results, but it loads below the current results infinite scroll style.

And when you click to view more results:

When you click the view more results link, you are not presented with ads first.  Google is loading only organic results after the “more results” click until you get to the bottom of the next set of results, where there are 3 ads displayed. For advertisers, this will mean fewer ad impressions for searches that go beyond the traditional first page of results.  However from a user experience stand point, this does make more sense.

When you get to the bottom, you see another button to click for more results, with the 3 ads above it.

Google is placing the related searches feature at the bottom of each infinite scroll as well, below the more results button.

Danny Sullivan of Google commented that is being tested with a larger group.

It does not seem that all people have it, although many people are reporting that they are seeing it.  I can see it in Chrome but not Safari on iOS.

Sullivan also confirmed it is also in mobile only.

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