Google Testing More Visible AMP Icon in Search Results

Google is testing a much more visible version of their AMP logo in the search results.  Instead of the usual light grey that you see in the mobile search results, the new test shows them in black instead.

Aleyda Solis posted screenshots of the new style on Twitter.  They show in both the regular search results as well as in the Top Stories section including the carousel.

Here is how they look:

This does make the AMP icon much more visible.  But it still doesn’t solve the issue that many searchers simply don’t know what the AMP icon is and what it means, so despite it being more noticeable, it might not entice extra people to click when they don’t realize those results will load lightning fast.

Google has tested another darker version of the AMP icon, but it was simply the lightning bolt icon, without the AMP.

This does appear to be a limited test.

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