Google Updates AMP Testing Tool for Multiple AMP Styles & Submit AMP Page

Google has updated their AMP testing tool with a ton of new features.  The main update now shows examples of how AMP results appear in the Google mobile search results.  Google has also updated features for submitting an AMP page to Google and viewing AMP source code.

The new update shows three different styles, the first a single AMP story with an image, the second is an example showing the result as a top story and the third shows as a standard mobile search result.

Here is “Result type 1”

For the first example, Google shows a default Google URL, even though it is correct in the actual search results.  And the description snippet is still just placeholder text.  And the image is a placeholder for nearly all, even if there is an image cached currently in the Google search results.

“Result type 2” is a standard top stories carousel.

“Result type 3” is just a regular AMP search result.

They also note that the test is a simulation, so the fact you appear in the first position has no reflection on the search results.  The AMP test can be used on any site, not just ones verified via Google Search Console.

From the main AMP testing page they have also added a link to view the AMP source code, which is useful for those debugging AMP errors.  And there is a new submit to Google button which should make it easier if publishers want to force an AMP cache to update, something that has been problematic in the past.

Lastly, you can now test an AMP page directly from the search results.

These are some nice updates from the original AMP testing tool released back in October 2016.

The AMP testing tool can be found here.

H/T Ramesh Singh

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