How to Check Your Google Search Console Account for Beta Access

If you have a long list of properties in Google Search Console and are anxiously awaiting beta access, and are worried your beta access invitation went astray, there is an easy way to double check and see if you actually do have access to the beta or not.

You just need to access the landing page for the Google Search Console beta here instead of using the usual Google Search Console landing page.

You will see this:

Make sure you are logged into your GSC account.  If you have access, you will be able to select a property on the top right.  If you don’t have any sites available in the selection box, then none of your sites currently have access.

This is what it looks like if you don’t have access yet.

If you still don’t have access, it shouldn’t be too much longer, you should have access in the coming weeks.

H/T Dan Kern.

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