How To Start An Adsense Account & How To Verify It

How To Start An Adsense Account & How To Verify It

If you are here because you have been searching “How to Make Money Online”, then I have some Good News and some Bad News – How To Start An Adsense Account & Verify It is one of the best keys to beginning a profitable online business.

First some Good News: Yes, you can make money using Google AdSense, and it really is almost as easy as some of the marketing blogs make it sound.

Then the Bad: The Money probably is not going to start pouring in right away. And when it does, it may seem like a trickle for a while.

Remember that Google did not start out to become one of the largest businesses in the United States. Google started because a couple of wide-eyed kids at Stanford University were trying to figure out how to help people find what they wanted on the Internet. The fact is that Google went on to become as big as, well, Google, but the good news for users is that the giant is still guided by the vision of the wide-eyed kids.
How to start an Adsense Account – “Don’t Be Evil”

how to start an adsense account
One of the great stories from Internet Folklore comes from the time that Google was just beginning to become huge. During a break at a marketing strategy meeting, one of the Google founders scribbled the words “Don’t Be Evil” on the conference room wipeboard. These three words have become Google’s unofficial motto, and not an easy one to live up to when they are making as much money as they are.

Don’t Be Evil means that those of us trying to make money with AdSense need to behave. Think of the world of Google, including AdSense, like a Primary School playground; you can do a lot of things and have a lot of fun, but if you do not follow the rules, you will be told to sit in the corner.
How to Start An AdSense Account – Your Tips

Actually starting your AdSense Account is not much harder than opening an email account. In fact, that is your first step; you need a Google Account to become a part of AdSense. If you are using Gmail or YouTube, you have a Google Account. But don’t fill out the AdSense application just yet.

The next thing you need is a Website or Blog. In theory, you can sign up for AdSense as soon as the site is launched, but it may be better to hold off for a while. In some regions, the AdSense reviewers will reject any site that is less than six months old. If you are not in Asia this may not be strictly necessary, but if your site is fresh you should not expect to make a lot of AdSense money anyway.

It is a good idea to give your Blog or Site sometime to build a following. Then when AdSense looks at your site they will see that it is worth dedicating their resources to; it is good for Google and their advertising partners.

Keep Google From Kicking You Out of the Sandbox

There are a few other rules to keep from getting sent to sit in the corner. First is to be the legal site owner who is at 18 years old. Next be sure that your site is filled with “Quality Content”. This means that you have all original content- copied images or text can get your site rejected. The site should also be “Family friendly” with no Adult content. Use the Grand Mother Test: if your content is OK to show your Granma, it should be OK for AdSense.

Once you have a website that you think will appeal to AdSense, submit your application. You should receive an email notification that your application has been received, and another email within 24 hours to update the status of the application. If you are approved you will be allowed to apply to different advertiser programs.

Remember that the secret to making Money with AdSense is to have a successful site with a lot of visitor traffic. The more traffic, the more who will see the ads, and the happier everyone will be. Just remember to Don’t Be Evil!

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