How To Use Adsense Code On A Website

How To Use Adsense Code On A Website

We are on our way! By now, you have your Google Account, your website or blog is up and running, and you have applied for an AdSense account and it has been approved. So the money is going to start rolling in, right?

Umm, not quite. The next step is getting the AdSense box placed on your pages so that visitors to your website can start clicking the ads (and then you can start getting PAID). This means using the AdSense Code so that ads will appear in the Blue AdSense box. Before we get to the little blue box, lets review a few concepts.
How To Use Adsense Code On A Website – The Blue Box

Remember that you are not going to get paid for having the Blue Box on your web pages; you are getting paid for having unique visitors interact with the Blue Box. The upshot is that your first job is to attract visitors to your site, what Google and the SEO Industry refers to as ‘Quality Traffic’.

If you were a really popular kid in school and passed out your site’s URL at the high school reunion, or if you have thousands of really devoted Social Media Friends, you may have a built in source of Quality Traffic. If not, you will need to develop an attractive, high quality site which will attract many visitors.

How to use adsense code on a website

Generating lots of quality traffic is the goal of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, a marketing technique which has gotten some bad press over the last few years. All we need to know at this point is that SEO is NOT Evil, and getting lots of traffic to your site is is important enough that we will be talking about it over and over again.

You Are Not Going To Kill The Internet…

Actually placing the Blue Box on your site and inserting the codes so that you can get paid is pretty straight forward. It will require going into the HTML code of your web pages. The instructions on how to use adsense code on a website is in the Google’s AdSense pages. If you are familiar with HTML and writing code, this will be simple.

If you are like me, learning how to use adsense code on a website is a little bit frightening. I am always worried that I will make the wrong keystroke that will either fry my computer, ruin my project, or bring the entire Internet to a screeching halt. Perhaps you can find a 14 year old kid to deal with the HTML of you.

If you are using one of the popular hosting services for your website, there may be a simple CMS, or Content Management System that you are able to use. The CMS in many popular hosting services has been created with the addition of AdSense codes in mind, and can place your ads without the need for add-ons or third party plug-ins. If your CMS does need a plug-in, ensure that the plug-in will display the ad code unchanged and unaltered in any way.
How to use Adsense Code On A Website – Design Your Site For Readers, Not Robots

Where and how to place the ads on your pages takes a little bit of thought. There are two schools. The first is to make your AdSense ads a chameleon which blends in and appears to be an organic part of the page. The other is the “Crazy Eddy/Bill Board” School. This philosophy believes that if the ads are the primary money making feature of the site, you want them to stand out.

There is nothing wrong with Crazy Eddy, although we need to remember that Google will continue to review our site, so knowing how to use Adsense code on a website will help you create your masterpiece and we want to give the big G as few excuses to shut down our AdSense Accounts as we can.

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