Is Jason King’s Local Sniper A Scam?

Is Jason King’s Local Sniper A Scam?

If you have heard of Jason King’s Local Sniper and you are considering buying this program because you want to make money online or start an online business, you may be wondering if it’s a scam. This could be because his promises of money falling from the sky and making 6 figures a month quickly seem a bit of a bold claim.

We have had experience with this program after having bought the package, intending to start a business and make a good income online. We can give you an honest review of Jason King’s Local Sniper and exactly what you get, and what lies behind this cheesy half hour video promising the earth.

Firstly, if you are considering buying this software to make money online, my advice would be to read through this article in its entirety first and make a considered decision. The cost of the program is $997, however if you try and close the page, you’ll get slapped with an exit popup immediately offering a discounted price of around $549. The program is sold by SWReg or Digital River.

So we purchased the program on the popup at $549 promising this as a once only payment, no monthly fees. The first page after the payment process we got to was an upsell for the “Business Sniper” add on which is supposed to make you even more money. I can’t remember the price, but it was something like $79. So we purchased that. However, I believe if you were to try and exit that page you might get an exit popup with a half price offer again.

After purchasing the business sniper addon, the page went to a SECOND upsell, this time saying you will make so much more money if you buy the “Directories” add on which enables you to advertise in various other directories. This extra was around $167, which we also purchased. After buying that addon, we were yet AGAIN slapped with a third upsell page – I can’t even remember what it was, but some kind of important thing, which was an extra $161 or so, promising you will make even more money. So again, we purchased it. So all in all we ended up spending somewhere just over $900 anyway.
Inside Jason King’s Local Sniper Members area:

OK, so getting past all the upsells, we then got access to the members area. The first step is to watch a video and get your first “FREE Bonus” website. This consists of going to another SWReg payment page for a supposed free website created for you by Host Cheese which will host your SEO website, which is an amount of $0.00 to debit your card, but you have to go thru this transaction. If you didn’t read the very fine print on a very obscure link, you notice then this website hosting will cost you $97 per month every month thereafter, plus you have to buy domain name, which is an exorbitant price, and probably makes Jason and his affiliates even tons more money.

Next step, watch another video and get another “FREE Bonus” called Traffic Maxim – After Jason King demonstrates very deceptively by video how you can somehow rank a brand new website in 1st position in Google after 1 minute with Jason’s Traffic Maxim program which is supposed to ping several different blog and bookmark sites and what not, (This by the way will totally get your “new website” you pay thru the nose for banned by Google for spamming) you are once again taken to a $0.00 payment gateway by SWReg, again, if you don’t read the fine print, it is everything BUT free, costing you another $97 per month again.

OK, step 3 – Download even MORE “free” bonuses which cost you $97 per month again… and on and on this goes, sucking you and bleeding you dry all your money for him and his band of affiliates recycling all this garbage…
So is Jason King’s Local Sniper a Scam?

You bet it is. And his actual object of how to make you money? You are supposed to create a new website selling SEO services, getting spun content from elsewhere on the web, spamming your local directories with emails offering your SEO services, all the while you’ve paid hundreds, even thousands of dollars for this “system” in a box which will just leave you at a dead end. I have to say absolutely: STAY AWAY. Buy this system at your own peril, take a chance if you like. But I really believe there are other ways of making money online which don’t involve being deceitful and underhanded.

Am I saying you can’t make any money at all with Jason King’s Local Sniper? No. There exists a possibility that you could MAYBE make some kind of money, after paying all the costs. But the effort and learning curve is nowhere near worth what little reward you may get.

The conclusion I am making here is I strongly believe:
Is Jason King’s Local Sniper a scam?

Yes – Because it offers no real value and may get your “free” website banned by Google.

If, however you ARE interested in making some real money, you might be interested in my article entitled: How To Make Money With FOREX Trading – Where I describe the RealTime-EA by Lauren Anderson

However, you need to start small and build your confidence and you will make a consistent return each month. Unlike Local Sniper, this will earn you a good long term consistent income with zero or very low ongoing costs.