No Google Plans for a Featured Snippet Specific Meta Tag

While many SEOs are trying to earn featured snippets for their sites in the search results, there are some SEOs who don’t like their content featured in the featured snippets by Google, especially when the answer is fully displayed in the search results.

Currently, there is the nosnippet meta tag, but this isn’t the right tag to use in this kind of situation, as it not only will remove the sitre from being shown in the featured snippet, but it will also remove all snippets for the site in the search results, meaning even the regular organic search results for your site would no longer show description snippets, which can dramatically drop the CTR from those search results.

At SMX Advanced, Gary Illyes was asked about whether Google would be adding a new meta tag that would allow publishers to control whether their content would be shown for a featured snippet or not.   And he confirmed that there are no plans for Google to add any new meta tag for this reason.

Also, it is worth noting that if your site isn’t the one featured in the featured snippet, it doesn’t mean Google will simply drop the featured snippet completely.  Google will instead feature a competitor’s site, so it doesn’t necessarily mean if your site isn’t i the featured snippet that you would gain more traffic.

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