Pi Day Google doodle marks 30th anniversary of March 14 holiday honoring mathematical constant 3.14

Today’s Google doodle pays homage to Pi Day by using an image of a salted caramel apple pie.

The doodle was created with help from Dominique Ansel, the pastry chef behind the Cronut, and leads to a search for “Pi Day.” First celebrated in 1988 by physicist Larry Shaw, Pi Day’s March 14 (03/14) date recognizes the mathematical constant of 3.14 — a number most often represented by the Greek letter π — by encouraging people to eat… pie.

From the Google Doodle Blog:

Pi represents the ratio between a circle’s circumference (perimeter) to its diameter (distance from side to side passing through the center), and is a fundamental element of many mathematical fields, most significantly Geometry. Though modern mathematicians have calculated more than one TRILLION decimal places beyond the standard “3.14,” pi is an irrational number that continues on to infinity!

Here is the full doodle being displayed on Google’s US home page, along with a handful of its international pages:

Google also shared Ansel’s recipe for his salted caramel apple pie on the Google Doodle blog and posted the following YouTube video of the chef making his Pi Day pie:

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