Site Moves Do Not Fix Google Panda Content Issues

If you are suffering from Google Panda, Google’s quality content algo, fixing the content is the only way to get that content ranking higher in the search results.  And one thing that definitely won’t fix the issue is simply doing a site move.

Gary Illyes from Google made a comment on Twitter specific to Panda, that improvement is needed, and simply moving a site isn’t the improvement that is needed for it.

The penalty comment likely comes from the fact that some kinds of penalties or issues can be resolved with a site move.  But in the case of Panda case, using all the same content on a different domain name would still be negatively impacted the same as it was on the original domain.

So for those looking for a quick Panda fix, moving the site isn’t the right way to go about it, unless you are also improving the quality of the content at the same time.


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