What is best placement and blending of Adsense ad units?

What is best placement and blending of Adsense ad units?

Placement and blending of adsense ad units on your web pages takes a sense of style and creativity. The whole process calls for a bit of finesse. At the same time, relax and enjoy the process! This is creative fun. One of the greatest advantages to working on the Internet is that is what you are doing isn’t working, you can change it!

A lot of what we have learned about placement and blending of adsense ad units, ,\designing and laying out Web pages is left over from the days when editors would layout pages for print editions of magazines and newspapers. It was and still is an art form to get as much useful information on a page while keeping the information useful. This was when “cut and paste” was actually done with scissors and glue! In recent times, print layout is done on a computer screen, a lot like what you will be doing with your web pages.
Placement and Blending Of Adsense Ad Units Above the Fold

One of the most important concepts is deciding what should appear “above the fold”. There was a time when the most important mass media was the daily newspaper sold by boys on the street corner. Because newspapers would be folded in half, the most important and attractive stories would appear “above the fold” on the front page.

Best placement and blending of adsense ad units

We use a similar consideration when we are laying out our web pages. “Above the fold” on a web page refers to what the visitor is going to see when the the browser first opens the page. Hopefully the content of the page will compel the visitor to scroll down the page to see the rest, but the most important impressions are what is above the fold.
Placement and Blending of Adsense Ad Units – Different Needs On The Page

A balance needs to be found between over emphasizing the AdSense features and risk losing them in the clutter. Too many or too prominent ads will turn off your visitors, perhaps even driving them off your site. Making them too subtle will cause them to be missed. Remember that the point of the exercise is to have your visitors click on the ads so that the Vendor will pay you for the Click.

A popular and effective placement and blending of AdSense ad units for text ads is just below the page heading, but above the body of the page content. The left and right columns should not be ignored for ad space. There is nothing wrong with mixing your revenue sources, using the column space for other affiliate programs while reserving the spot below the heading for AdSense.

Now, A Word From Our Sponsor…

A condition that is important to minimize or avoid is “ad-blindness”. Ad-blindness is similar to viewers going to the bathroom during the commercial breaks on TV, a certain amount of it will always occur. This is especially true if your site has repeat visitors. This is when it is time to take advantage of your ability to make changes to the web page.

Using your CMS, you can change the colors on your pages, change the color and size of the ads, even move design elements around. When you do this, repeat visitors will wonder at the changes, and spend the few extra moments which may be enough to get them to notice and click an ad.

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