What Is CTR And CPC?

What Is CTR And CPC?

So exactly what is CTR and CPC? The secret to being successful with the “Get Rich Quick” scheme of monetizing your website with Google AdSense is to not treat it like a Get Rich Quick scheme. Instead, think of AdSense on your site or blog simply as a business and treat it as such.

One of the things that makes AdSense such a great business is that Google has set it up with so many useful business tools. Learning to use these tools can increase the profitability of your site or blog, and help to raise your AdSense ads from annoying clutter on your page to genuine money makers – This will really help you to understand what is CTR and CPC.

Like going into any other business, learning to use the AdSense tools will mean learning a new language. At first it can seem like a virtual Alphabet Soup, but soon you will be tossing around acronyms like a Pro when understanding what is CTR and CPC. Especially once you learn how easy the tools are to use and how important they are for your new business.
What is CTR And CPC? An Introduction

what is ctr and cpc? Find out in Adsense Secrets

Two of the most important terms in AdSense are about understanding what is CTR and CPC. CPC is Cost Per Click. Advertisers who use AdSense have three payment options; they may be billed by the number of times that their ad is shown (cost per impression, of CPM for Cost Per Million), by the number conversions their ad has (CPA for Cost Per Acquisition), or Cost Per Click which is the most popular option.

Advertisers bid for the maximum amount that they are willing to spend per click. Of course, as publishers whose sites will carry the ads, we want to attract the highest paying ads as well as those that are going to actually get clicked.

The first step in getting clicks is getting traffic to our sites. The reality is that not all of the visitors to our site are going to click on the ads. When we discuss how many of our visitors actually click the ads we are measuring Click Through Rate, or CTR.
What is CTR And CPC? Learn Your Click Through Rate

Google has a number of tools to measure and help track your clicks, CTR, keywords and search terms. Presently, their advice on increasing clicks and CTR is focused on increasing the quality of your site- its design, graphics, and content quality.

Over the past year or so, Google has rolled out new search algorithms which measure these factors to help determine how a site ranks on Search Engine Results pages. It is Google’s feeling that their users will have a better experience going to sites filled with Good Stuff than they will being directed to sites that just get clicked or linked a lot. In the end, having good stuff will invite more clicks and links.

The biggest value of monitoring the CTR may be that publishers are able to monitor how effective their site layout is for click through. Perhaps changing the color or position of their AdSense ads will make a difference in how well the ads are noticed and received. Using your sites CMS makes it easy to make changes, and tracking your CTR will give you an idea of how effective your changes are.

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